WhatsApp Plus APK v17.36 Download Latest May 2023 (Official)

At the point When cell phones came under the control of individuals, then communication and conversation through messages brought an insurgency. It changed the entire approach to getting things done. From that point forward, a basic need emerged, which is security during communication over the mobile network.

This need caused individuals to make new applications with the solution to users’ needs. That is the reason WhatsApp Plus APK came into the market and rose to levels of ubiquity. Right around one billion individuals are utilizing it now.

WhatsApp Plus brings every one of the capabilities you have been getting a charge out of on your fundamental WhatsApp, flavoring up with considerably more opportunities of its own to guarantee a superior secured communication insight.

Following & adopting, the original App Model or design of WhatsApp Plus is a breeze all alone. All things considered, that guarantees you don’t need to adjust to a large group of new tabs and controls than you were utilized to.

Moreover, WhatsApp Plus APK asserts no charges so you can utilize it with no pressure of paying a single penny. This chatting APK application is the most effective way to dazzle your companions with the staggering elements or attributes of WhatsApp Plus APK.

This article will enlighten you regarding WhatsApp plus APK — an inherited application that has more highlights and functionalities. In this way, everybody can covey and communicate fully and securely. We believe that you should peruse the article for complete detail. So continue to peruse to figure out more.

App NameWhatsApp Plus
Size56 MB
Requires Android4.3 and up
Total Downloads10,00,000+
Last Updated1 day ago

About WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is a well-known mod of the official WhatsApp application. It is practically like the legal and original application with extra properties and attributes. Initially, XDA developed WhatsApp Plus APK. But later on, they prevented letting new variants out of 2020 and eliminated every one of the past adaptations of this APK from its foundation. He changed the fundamental code and presented another UI. The logo of the official App is green, which is changed to gold. Rafale enhanced a lot of features and attributes, which are being discussed in the coming lines. This App involves secured communication that is encrypted for participants in the exchange of information. What’s more, you will track down each use of the original App in it. After that, two software engineers came into the business and made this APK. As of now, WhatsApp Plus has a large number of downloads.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

The design and structural model of this variant of the official App is something very similar, and it has every functionality of the legal App. We will educate you concerning the elements that are new and deserving of referencing features that make “WhatsApp Plus APK” extraordinary, among others. So, here are the properties that are worth seeing for all concerned users.

Provision of Themes

This App permits clients to pick themes, which are special, flexible, and eye-catching. The entire UI is adjustable. You can choose the shade of text, buttons, and illustrations. The first App permits no customization. That is the reason this App gives straightforwardness to picking the right visual appearance. This application contains around about 700 themes. What’s more, you don’t need to independently download them. This App downloads themes automatically without anyone else assistance and orchestrates them by name, date, and current version.

Additional Emoji’s

Discussions are made more precise and close to home by emoji in the legal App. The official App has emojis that make the discussion more profound and genuine. But WhatsApp Plus has added more emojis to its assortment. It has added the emoji of Google Hangouts for better and genuine communication. Besides all these, there is a gap in the application. Just clients of WhatsApp Plus can see these emojis. In the event that you send an emoji and the recipient has the official App, then these new emojis won’t display in the recipient’s message. That is not completely fine.

Hide Option

This is an exceptionally valuable component of the WhatsApp Plus application MOD. The clients of the official App were burnt out on others getting hindered while seeing them online. That is the reason WhatsApp Plus presents a privacy choice by adding the Hide option. This amazing component lets you conceal your status from any individual. It implies nobody can see you online when you start using this amazing feature. This choice created a new opportunity inside the space of encoded transmission and communication.

File & Data Sharing

The official WhatsApp permits just up to 16 MB of data to share, which causes a strain among data providers. This App empowers record sharing up to 50 MB, which is helpful for clients. Additionally, this App likewise gives record alterations from 2MB to 50MB in size which is the cherry on the cake. That is missing in the official App.


Since a cell phone’s stockpiling isn’t limitless, you will require a method for clearing old conversations and other unimportant documents that occupy the room. With this amazing feature, you can erase all the pointless conversations, other unnecessary files, and any remaining additional stuff that you need to clean. With this component, you don’t need to erase messages as the cleaner does it for you exclusively.

Recording options

WhatsApp Plus Download is planned with one more incredible component that assists you with concealing your recording status from others. Like the composting status, you can conceal your embarrassingly lengthy reasoning opportunity while thinking of an answer utilizing the recording studio.

Auto Responder

Auto-answer is an element accessible in the WhatsApp Business application yet can’t be found in the standard WhatsApp application. That is where WhatsApp Plus becomes an integral factor. The most recent adaptation allows you the opportunity to set programmed answers when you are too sluggish to even think about composing without help from anyone else. Thus, by utilizing this element you can set and send an Auto-answer message to individuals you need.


There isn’t anything better than setting a fabulous backdrop on your talk screen to enhance your wall. Everybody loves to set extraordinary backdrops. The provision of backdrop stock is one more extraordinary element of this brilliant application. Utilizing this element you can set an astounding backdrop on your talk screen.

Histories & Logs

To track your activities this component is great. WhatsApp Plus APK has been one more amazing element of History and Logs that was not presented by official WhatsApp. In this situation, you can track each action that is finished for you. This component can be exceptionally gainful for you in different ways as you can follow your log and history since this element records your actions, including when you start and leave the application.

Font and writing style

Is it true that you are fed up with the plain, old exhausting textual style of WhatsApp? All things considered, clutch your ponies in light of the fact that WhatsApp Plus offers textual styles, everything being equal. Would you like to show your sluggishness and idiosyncrasy through text styles? Decide to utilize Comics Sans. Would you like to sound charming? There should be a treat textual style or composing style text style someplace. This is perfect for considerably more customization, communicating your thoughts through textual styles. There is a wide range of kinds of textual writing styles, sizes, and shapes that individuals need to keep, and with this component, you can get a wide range of varieties, sizes, styles, and states of text styles. This specific WhatsApp MOD has a wide choice of text styles that come in astounding structures, sizes, and shapes.


The disadvantage of the official WhatsApp application is its sharing element. You can share short recordings and little megabytes of video and sounds. What’s more awful, when you download a picture, you lose its pixel values which also decreases the image quality, but WhatsApp Plus permits you to send recordings longer than 30 sec and supports as long as 7 minutes. You can share 50MB of recordings and 100MB of the audio file, and the best part is that it keeps all images in their best and original resolution.

Other silent features

You have a bundle of stickers. You can also make your own stickers. You can modify the talk screen. You can Tweak the notification popup You can Tweak widgets You can take a full backup of documents and reestablish these records in any rendition of WhatsApp MOD.


What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is an unauthorized application that provides its users with additional features beyond what is available on the official WhatsApp.

Is it Safe to Install WhatsApp Plus?

A growing number of users are utilizing this modified version, WhatsApp Plus, without any reported issues. Therefore, it is considered safe to download the WhatsApp Plus APK and make use of its additional features.

Why is WhatsApp Plus not found in Play Store?

Regrettably, the application was created by an independent developer and is currently unavailable on PlayStore due to copyright and licensing issues.